The Problem

As an innovation leader, you’re entrusted with the future of your company—a position that can feel both exciting and perilous. What you’re working on may be complex or unfamiliar. It’s up to you to balance that uncertainty with discipline and focus—and build support from across the organization. But you don’t have a reliable way to know what’s working and what’s not.

Our Solution

Good measurement practices help you spur innovation, build broad support, and focus where it matters. At Commodore we think it’s time to get these practices right. We’ve developed a methodology to help companies rapidly enhance—or implement new—innovation measurement systems.

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Latest blog posts

A recent HBR article (here) claims that use of innovation metrics (especially financial metrics) too early will “suffocate” your most promising innovations. The author, Scott

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Innovation spending grew strongly in Q3. But how will your competitors respond to increasing pressure on budgets as the economic outlook worsens? Review their spending patterns in our data visualization tool.

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What will AI mean for innovation productivity? We review the fundamentals (which look strong) and some examples of AI in innovation (which are exciting, but lack high-quality data on impact).

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