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5 Evidence-based Practices to Increase Innovation Productivity

Innovation has never been more important to your company’s future.

Delivering value to the organization has always been among innovation leaders’ top priorities. But now innovation has become even more important just as budget constraints are hitting teams hard. That means it’s more important than ever to focus on innovation productivity—the revenue growth that innovation initiatives generate, for a given amount of investment.

Change how you innovate, to improve innovation productivity.

You have probably already changed your innovation portfolio to fit the realities of a COVID-19 economy. But changing how you innovate—tools, org structure, decision-making processes—offers further gains in innovation productivity.

Don’t follow trends in innovation practice—adopt evidence-based practices to enhance productivity.

Unfortunately, innovation teams often follow trends—not the evidence—when adopting new practices. The guide identifies five practices that correlate with higher innovation productivity—according to empirical studies by innovation researchers. For each practice, we summarize what the research says, how the practice improves productivity, and what actions you can take.

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