Get A Free Audit of Your Firm’s Innovation Dashboard

Innovation dashboards can be valuable tools for communicating information about innovation performance. But there’s no set formula and objectives tend to shift over time (e.g., with a new strategy or under new leadership).

Analyzing the results of IRI’s innovation dashboard survey, we identified a set of best practices and promising emerging practices.

One best practice:

Regularly review your innovation dashboard to make sure it’s actually working for you.

Many companies struggle to find the time to conduct such a review. To help with that, Commodore is offering selected companies an audit of their innovation dashboard – for free.

What do you get?

The audit will quickly evaluate your dashboard against best and emerging practices and identify areas for improvement. We’ll provide you with a short report that summarizes our findings and recommends actions to enhance your innovation dashboard.

Implementing those recommendations will help you improve your dashboard and, ultimately, the performance of your organization’s innovation function.

What do we need from you?

To take advantage of this free service, all you need to do is:

  • Sign up below.
  • Send us a recent copy of your innovation dashboard(s).
  • Complete a short online questionnaire.
  • Participate in a 30-minute interview.

Process overview

Step 1

Complete the questionnaire & share a copy of your dashboard.

Step 2

Participate in a 30 min interview with Commodore.

Step 3

Commodore reviews your dashboard against best & emerging practices.

Step 4

Commodore presents recommended actions to enhance your dashboard.

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