Get a free audit of your innovation dashboard

Reviewing your innovation dashboard regularly can ensure:

  • It’s set up and managed in line with best practices
  • You’re up to date on “next practice”—emerging metrics and techniques
  • The dashboard is actually working for you!

But most companies struggle to find the time or research basis for such a review, so we wanted to help. Commodore is offering selected companies a confidential audit of their innovation dashboard—for free.

How does the audit work?

The audit will quickly evaluate your dashboard and identify areas for improvement. We’ll provide you with a short report that summarizes our findings and recommends actions to enhance your innovation dashboard. Start to finish, everything will be kept confidential.

We know “innovation dashboard” can mean everything from a sophisticated, dynamic website, to a PowerPoint presentation, or even a whiteboard! We’re happy to work with whatever you consider to be your dashboard.

What is the audit based on?

IRI (Innovation Research Interchange, a large industry organization focused on enhancing innovation management practice) surveyed members and other large organizations about their innovation dashboards. The survey drew on a wealth of knowledge and experience: respondents collectively spend well over $10 billion/year on R&D and innovation.

Commodore analyzed the results and identified a set of best practices and promising emerging practices. 

You’ll automatically get the survey report when you register your interest in the audit below. 

Process overview

Step 1

Complete a questionnaire and share a copy of your dashboard.

Step 2

Participate in a 30-minute interview with Commodore.

Step 3

Commodore reviews your dashboard against best and emerging practices.

Step 4

Commodore presents recommended actions to enhance your dashboard.

Download the survey report and let us know if you're interested in the free audit: