Innovation Dashboards in Large Organizations

High-performing companies attribute more than 20% of their R&D performance improvement to their measurement system*. And dashboards are an increasingly common tool in these measurement systems.
To better understand the current practices related to innovation dashboards, IRI (a large industry organization focused on enhancing innovation management practice) conducted a survey of their members and other large organizations in the summer of 2018. Our report presents the results of that survey.

* RTEC (2010).  Driving effective R&D performance through effective measurement. 

The survey analysis answers the following questions:

  • Who uses innovation dashboards?
  • What information is on innovation dashboards?
  • How are dashboards set up and managed?

The report also includes:                                                  .

  • An illustrative example dashboard.
  • A summary of IRI’s previous work on innovation measurement systems and metrics.
  • A simple guide to help organizations establish their own innovation dashboards.

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