2021 Benchmarking Innovation Metrics Practices Study

Commodore Innovation is conducting a first-of-its-kind benchmarking study of innovation metrics practices.

The study is designed to identify:

  • The best innovation metrics to inform and debias specific decisions in innovation—at the project, portfolio, and organizational levels. For example, innovation project selection, assessment of project learning, resource allocation across portfolios.
  • The innovation performance measurement practices used by high-performing organizations.
  • Emerging innovation metrics and related practices.
  • The impact of high-quality innovation performance measurement on innovation success.

Most other surveys of innovation metrics are simply innovation metrics popularity contests. For example, it doesn’t really help to know that 38.5% of companies track the number of ideas generated and only 13% track the number of media or press mentions—without context.

Commodore’s study will take the critical step of identifying what innovation metrics are used for—i.e., which innovation metrics are used to inform specific decisions and/or encourage certain behaviors.

Why take part in this study?

When you take part in this study, you’ll receive:

  • Free benchmarking: an independent assessment of your organization’s innovation measurement capabilities, compared with both typical practice and innovation leaders. (Note: survey results will be anonymized — only you will see your organization’s results).
  • Free access to the full final study (worth $450).

We expect more than 100 leading innovators (who each invest at least $50M per year in innovation) to complete the survey. Benchmark your innovation measurement capabilities against the best.

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