A guide to measuring the performance of your innovation portfolio

Too many organizations collect metrics that aren’t used to inform specific decisions. In the best case, reporting unnecessary metrics is a waste of time and resources. In the worst case, those metrics send confusing signals that lead to bad decision making. Our guide will help you get clear about the functions of your measurement system—that is, the ways you and your stakeholders will really use information about innovation performance.

Our 63-page guide identifies:

  • The aspects of innovation performance you should measure, and why.
  •  The “anatomy” of good metrics for measuring innovation performance.
  •  Principles for better communication of innovation performance.

We also provide you with a practical process to enhance your innovation performance measurement, by specifying how to:

  • Understand your stakeholders and organizational culture.
  • Select the right innovation metrics.
  • Establish a communication plan.

Highlights from the guide:

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