A guide to measuring the performance of your innovation portfolio

A lot of innovation advice only works in very narrow contexts—applying it might require a specific gated process, major culture change, or a huge investment of resources. But high-quality innovation performance measurement is too important to put off, waiting for perfect conditions. So our guide provides a process and tools to design a system (or improve an existing one) that works for your culture and the level of effort you’re ready for.

Our 63-page guide identifies:

  • The aspects of innovation performance you should measure, and why.
  •  The “anatomy” of good metrics for measuring innovation performance.
  •  Principles for better communication of innovation performance.

We also provide you with a practical process to enhance your innovation performance measurement, by specifying how to:

  • Understand your stakeholders and organizational culture.
  • Select the right innovation metrics.
  • Establish a communication plan.

Highlights from the guide:

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