Measuring the performance of your innovation portfolio: A Guide

This guide is for innovation and R&D professionals in large firms who need to: 

  • Determine or justify portfolio-level investments.
  • Set priorities within a portfolio and allocate resources accordingly.
  • Report about the state of an innovation portfolio to leadership and other parts of the organization.
  • Develop an organization’s innovation capabilities.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or have an existing measurement system, this guide will help you design a better innovation performance measurement system.

This guide addresses these critical questions:

  • What functions can innovation performance measurement systems serve?
  • What aspects of performance should be measured?
  • Which metrics should I choose to answer those questions?
  • Why is communication about innovation performance important, and how can I communicate better?

Following the advice in this guide will enable you to:

  • Quickly get up to speed on the latest theory and principles that underlie innovation performance measurement.
  • Design or improve an innovation performance measurement system.
  • Make better portfolio- and project-level decisions.
  • Get the support you need—expertise, investment, buy-in—from leadership and other stakeholders.

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