Measuring the performance of your innovation project: A Guide

Communication with diverse audiences is critical to the success of innovation measurement systems—and innovation leaders. Fail to communicate well about an important innovation initiative and you risk activation of the corporate “antibodies” that tend to attack the new and uncertain. You may jeopardize a successful transition at the end of a project. Plus, you need to communicate effectively just to get the expertise and ongoing support (financial and otherwise) you need to execute.
Our guide has guiding principles and a step-by-step process for communication of measurement results.

This guide addresses critical questions about innovation measurement:

  • Why should I measure at all?
  • What questions should I be able to answer about my project?
  • Which metrics should I choose to answer those questions?
  • How should I communicate those metrics?

Following the advice in this guide will enable you to:

  • Communicate the value of your work to key stakeholders.
  • Know if you're making progress—or not.
  • Make better decisions about the path forward for your project.

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