Measuring the performance of your innovation project: A Guide

One of our maxims for innovation project measurement is “measure only so much and not more”—measure what you need to, so that you and your constituents understand your project’s progress and value, without tipping over the point at which costs (e.g., of data collection, your time) outweigh the utility of what you’re measuring.
Because the “right” metrics depend on your unique context, our guide includes some principles and a process you and your team can use to surface the right metrics for you.

This guide addresses critical questions about innovation measurement:

  • Why should I measure at all?
  • What questions should I be able to answer about my project?
  • Which metrics should I choose to answer those questions?
  • How should I communicate those metrics?

Following the advice in this guide will enable you to:

  • Know if you're making progress—or not.
  • Make better decisions about the path forward for your project.
  • Communicate the value of your work to key stakeholders.

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