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The Journey to Better Innovation Measurement

Most firms who have successfully improved how they measure innovation didn’t try to change everything overnight, instead they took a series of sequential, cumulative steps over time—a journey. This guide sets out an ideal pathway for that journey. It will help you establish where your organization currently is on that journey, and where you should go next. 

5 Evidence-based Practices to Increase Innovation Productivity

There are plenty of opinions on how to improve innovation practices—but most aren’t backed up with hard evidence. We reviewed recent high-quality research and identified five practices that have a proven correlation with better innovation performance.

For each practice, we summarize what the research says, how the practice improves innovation productivity, and what actions you can take. Check out what the guide says about: outsourcing innovation, competition, centralized versus decentralized innovation, long-term focus and risk-averse leadership

Innovation metrics: a quick guide

This guide identifies the key innovation metrics you need to track the basics of innovation performance. It includes guidance for innovation leaders, innovation portfolio managers, and innovation project teams—because what you need to measure varies depending on what level you’re operating at within an organization.