The Business Case for Better Innovation Measurement

Most organizations want to improve how they measure innovation performance. But few are able to make it a priority. That’s often because the business case for doing so is hard to articulate.

This guide will help you better understand the business case for enhancing innovation performance measurement. It will help you articulate the case to your internal stakeholders—or just convince yourself it’s worth doing!

The Evidence

We’ve synthesized the best evidence from industry surveys and case study research on innovation performance—to illustrate the impact of better measurement. The potential benefits are surprising, both in scale and scope (even to measurement evangelists like us!).

The Logic

It’s one thing to say “what gets measured gets managed.” But unpacking how better measurement improves innovation outcomes reveals a surprisingly diverse set of underlying mechanisms. Our guide describes these mechanisms so you can use them to strengthen your case for better measurement.

Business case for better innovation measurement
(Countering) The Skeptics

Measuring innovation performance sometimes faces resistance. Our guide describes 3 common critiques—and proves counter arguments to each.

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