The Challenge

Without the right feedback, too much is left to chance.

Working without clear direction, and a way to know whether your results are good or right, is unsettling at best and dangerous at worst. 

How will you orient your team?

The uncertainty that comes with innovation calls for more discipline, not less.

That’s true of most things, but innovating without purpose or guardrails is particularly fraught. Creativity needs constraints. Experiments need structure. But the terrain is, by definition, unfamiliar. 

How will you get your bearings and adjust course along the way? 

Clear communication is critical to build support, especially for your boldest innovations.

What you’re working on may be complex, unfamiliar, not-yet-defined, even threatening.
You’ll need to build support from people with a variety of backgrounds, who may not be comfortable with all that uncertainty and experimentation. 

How will you show them you’re on the right track?

Your work on innovation matters.

The stakes for corporate innovation initiatives are high, and not just for your company. At Commodore we believe companies—and people like you—can make the world a better place. 

How will you make an impact?