Assess How Your Organization Measures Innovation

You need high-quality innovation performance measurement.

Recent research suggests companies are getting worse at innovation.[1],[2] That may raise some questions for you:

  • Is my organization among those getting worse at innovation?
  • If so, what do we fix?
  • And if we try fixing things, how will we know if it’s working?

To effectively answer these questions, your organization needs high-quality innovation performance measurement.

Our confidential self-assessment will help you get it right.

Done well, measurement provides the discipline and yields the sustained support your innovation function needs to deliver exceptional results. “Done well” being the operative words!

Effective innovation measurement encompasses everything from optimizing your portfolio allocation, to comparing your innovation performance to peers and competitors. It means robust practices for measuring both the routine development project and the notoriously difficult front end project. It can be difficult to get it all right. So we built a tool to help.

Confident that you’re already doing all of those things right? Great! Use the assessment to be sure. We’ve spent a year talking to innovation leaders and looking at the measurement practices of high-performing companies. What we’ve learned is built into the tool.

This 10-minute self-assessment will:
  • Cover the most important elements of innovation measurement.
  • Tell you how your organization is doing at measuring innovation.
  • Provide you with specific recommendations for any areas where you need improvement.
The results are just for you.
  • We’ll never disclose your individual responses to anyone but you unless you tell us to. Ever.
  • If we ever share aggregated results, your responses and your participation will remain completely confidential.
  • We won’t use your data to pester you. That’s not how we work.
  • If you have any questions or concerns on this front, email Phil:

If you want more background, check out our spotlight guide “Get more value from innovation with better measurement“—it summarizes some of the thinking behind this assessment.

[1] Despite the importance of innovation to companies, a significant increase in the number of scientists and engineers engaged in R&D, and all of the consultants and methods available to help companies innovate better, Anne Marie Knott’s research shows the money companies spend on R&D is producing fewer results.

[2] This National Bureau of Economic Research paper shows, in a large sample of US publicly traded firms, research productivity declined 10% per year, on average, over the last three decades. In all, 85% of companies saw a decline in productivity.

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