Innovation dashboards in large organizations
Our clients are innovation leaders and other senior executives who need:
  • To make better informed, often long-term strategic decisions about innovation investments
  • A better basis for selecting and assessing innovation initiatives, especially to periodically calibrate or discontinue activities
  • To educate stakeholders on how to assess innovation initiatives, especially long-term and potentially disruptive endeavors
  • For long-term objectives, a way to know if you’re on the right track now
  • To communicate the impact of innovation initiatives

What do we ask of you?

  • No more than 3 hours each from 8-10 key stakeholders
  • Your candid input on things like the history and goals of innovation initiatives at your company, current innovation strategy and measurement systems, champions and critics, and the organizational context for measurement and decision-making

What do you receive?

In 6 weeks:

  • A comprehensive review of your existing measurement system
  • Recommended changes to enhance your measurement system, including metrics and practices
  • A map visualizing the outcomes that will indicate both interim progress and ultimate success
  • Implementation recommendations and watchouts
  • A working session to test and refine the system

For 12 months:

  • Quarterly check-ins to review progress
  • 1:1 on-demand support for implementation and troubleshooting

This is our standard offering. If you have something else in mind, we’re happy to discuss customizing.

Interested in working with us?