R&D Intensity in 2020

The visualization below explores how companies’ R&D intensity has changed in response to COVID-19’s impact on the economy. You can use it to compare how your R&D intensity has changed relative to your competitors. 

For more background, read our blog post here.

Contact us directly with questions or if you’re interested in further analysis of the R&D intensity data (phil@commodoreinnovation.co).

What data is reported?

■ R&D intensity: the ratio of R&D Expense to Revenue

■ All companies who report R&D expense and revenue data to the US SEC on a quarterly basis are included.

■ Data reported in the first two quarters of 2020.  

How to use the visualization:

■ Use one of the two drop down filters above the graph to select either a sector of interest, or specific companies.

■ Use the download link at the bottom of the graph to save a static image of your filtered view.