How to Measure Your Innovation Project: A Guide

Since starting Commodore a few months ago, we’ve talked with dozens of innovation practitioners who know how important it is to measure performance, but …! But they’re not sure how to get started. But they’re not sure how to make the case for investing time to measure. But they already have a system … but it doesn’t seem to be useful.

So we wanted to help. We created a step-by-step guide that’ll work whether you’re starting from scratch, or you have a system in place that needs a tune-up.

The guide is primarily for people who lead an innovation project in a large organization. (If you’re not sure why the large org context matters, check out the guide. It most decidedly does.)

We designed the process so you and your team can do it in less than a day, so go here to download and try it out.

Let us know if you have questions or feedback!


What about portfolio-level measurement?

If you’re responsible for oversight across many projects, or for your organization’s innovation management practices, it’ll be helpful for you, too. If you want to know when our guide to managing innovation portfolios is out, visit our downloads page and click on the notify me button.