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R&D investment grew by nearly 12% in Q4 of 2020​

Research and development expenditure grew dramatically in Q4 of 2020—by nearly 12% compared with Q3. However, just three sectors accounted for most of that growth: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology & medical research, and software & IT services.

Excluding these three sectors, R&D

COVID-19: Business R&D Spending Will Fall by at Least 5-6%

In the last few weeks our worlds have been turned upside down. As individuals we are grappling with the fear, disruption and uncertainty brought about by COVID-19. The organizations we work for are scrambling to manage extraordinary challenges. In some

Communication is Job 1 of your innovation measurement system

I heard an innovation leader at a Fortune 100 company remark recently, “There are lots of jobless innovation managers out there who will tell you—’if I knew then what I know now, I would have communicated better.’”

How to Measure Your Innovation Project: A Guide

Since starting Commodore a few months ago, we’ve talked with dozens of innovation practitioners who know how important it is to measure performance, but …! But they’re not sure how to get started. But they’re not sure how to make …

Measuring Innovation Performance — A Better Framework

Innovation Measurement Framework

A lot has been written about measuring innovation in recent years. I’ve been reviewing this literature as we build our service offering for Commodore Innovation. (For anyone interested, we have a live list of resources related to measurement of innovation 

Companies struggle to measure well at the front end of innovation

We think companies can measure better all along the innovation pipeline, but if you asked us what sorts of activities need the most improvement vis-à-vis measurement? It’s not even close: it’s at the front end.

Why ‘Dead Reckoning’?

We thought we’d better go ahead and address this one right up front. What is “dead reckoning” and why on earth would we pick that as the name of our blog?

More efficient innovation may be critical to staying competitive

One of the reasons we started Commodore was concern about a decline in Total Factor Productivity (TFP) in many major economies (e.g., US, China, the euro area). TFP is, put simply, the portion of economic growth that occurs from using

Why is everyone dissatisfied with innovation?

Over the last ten years—both in my practice as an innovation consultant and in the literature—I’ve seen a recurring theme among people responsible for growth in large companies. Consistently, they rank innovation among their highest priorities and consistently, they’re not

The way we measure innovation hasn’t changed in 10 years.

The way companies measure innovation initiatives is outdated. Despite all the progress that has been made in innovation practice in the last decade, firms are still measuring innovation in much the same way. And let’s not forget that what gets