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What Osterwalder gets wrong (and right) about innovation metrics

Strategyzer, the innovation services firm co-founded by Alexander Osterwalder, has popularized several innovation tools and methodologies (e.g., the business model canvas). So, we were intrigued to see what they had to say about innovation metrics in their most recent book

Nordic Study: 3 Common Problems With Innovation Metrics

A recently published study1, by Ilse Svensson de Jong, highlights three problems with innovation metrics that can seriously hurt firms’ innovation efforts. The study is based on in-depth case research of innovation measurement practices at a large Nordic

What a recent HBR article gets wrong (and right) about innovation metrics

A recent HBR article (here) claims that use of innovation metrics (especially financial metrics) too early will “suffocate” your most promising innovations. The author, Scott Kirsner, asserts that measuring a new product with the same metrics used for

After a strong Q3, where next for innovation investment?

Innovation spending grew strongly in Q3

Investment in innovation by US-listed firms grew strongly in the third quarter of 2020—reflecting strong economic growth for the quarter1. After falling about 2.9% in Q1, and a modest return to positive

Will AI dramatically alter the economics of innovation?

The hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) invites skepticism. But underlying the optimism (and fear) there’s a simple, but potentially important truth: AI, especially machine learning (deep learning in particular), could change the economics of innovation. If that happens the consequences

Budget cuts are here. Time to bolster the case for innovation.

Innovation budget cuts are here, how are you bolstering the case for sustained investment?

“What we are ultimately going to be able to accomplish is directly tied to the rest of the organization believing we’re important.”

—senior director of innovation, aerospace industry

Chances are you’re dealing with budget cuts for this year, and also

COVID-19: Your innovation strategy’s been updated. Now what?

Many organizations’ responses to the COVID-19 crisis have already switched from the tactical to the strategic. Your organization has likely updated its innovation strategy (or at least started to). That’s an essential first step. But the changes to your innovation

COVID-19: Business R&D Spending Will Fall by at Least 5-6%

In the last few weeks our worlds have been turned upside down. As individuals we are grappling with the fear, disruption and uncertainty brought about by COVID-19. The organizations we work for are scrambling to manage extraordinary challenges. In some

How to improve measurement of innovation performance in your organization.

Once you’ve decided you want to do something about how your organization measures innovation performance, knowing what to do next isn’t always obvious. We often have conversations with innovation leaders who get to this point and reach out to us

The Innovation Culture Balancing Act

Everyone agrees that organizational culture is a key driver of (or hindrance to!) innovation performance. It’s obvious on its face, given that culture affects things like how well teams work together, how fast decisions are made, and how much risk