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It’s always helpful to hear from people who have struggled with and overcome a problem you’re facing. With this post, we’re excited to launch the Practitioner’s Dispatch, a new series featuring innovation practitioners’ battle-tested advice on common problems. First up is Stewart Witzeman, who has more than 30 years of experience in innovation management. We asked him to give you his best advice on measurement for breakthrough (see also: disruptive, Horizon 3, etc.) projects. His bio follows the post. Thanks, Stewart! Read More

I heard an innovation leader at a Fortune 100 company remark recently, “There are lots of jobless innovation managers out there who will tell you—’if I knew then what I know now, I would have communicated better.’” Read More

Since starting Commodore a few months ago, we’ve talked with dozens of innovation practitioners who know how important it is to measure performance, but …! But they’re not sure how to get started. But they’re not sure how to make the case for investing time to measure. But they already have a system … but it doesn’t seem to be useful.

So we wanted to help. We created a step-by-step guide that’ll work whether you’re starting from scratch, or you have a system in place that needs a tune-up. Read More

A lot has been written about measuring innovation in recent years. I’ve been reviewing this literature as we build our service offering for Commodore Innovation. (For anyone interested, we have a live list of resources related to measurement of innovation here). Many of the articles, blog posts, surveys of industry practice, etc. suggest frameworks for measuring innovation. That is, they propose a way of thinking about what companies should measure when it comes to tracking innovation. Done well, such frameworks become tools that enable companies to quickly review and enhance their innovation measurement systems or establish entirely new systems. The existing frameworks available fail to achieve that objective, for reasons I describe below. Read More